Administrative recruitment positions

date:2018-12-29 14:11 author:Cahngyu
Administrative department recruitment needs
1. Number of administrative assistants required:
(1) assist the administrative manager to complete the company's administrative affairs and daily affairs within the department;
(2) assist in drafting and revising the company's management rules and regulations, and supervise and implement the rules and regulations;
(3) daily procurement, expense reimbursement, expense payment, office supplies collection and other related work;
(4) responsible for internal and external communication and coordination;
(5) responsible for the administrative reception of the office and the work arranged by the superior;
(6) organizing conference affairs, activities and other work as well as logistics support;
(7) other work assigned by leaders.
Job requirements:
(1) bachelor degree or above in administration, business administration, human resource management, marketing or other related majors of 211 universities, with science and engineering related majors or working experience preferred
(2) proficient in office software;
(3) strong communication and coordination ability and affinity;
(4) proactive, flexible and responsible;
(5) have more than C1 driving license, skilled driving.

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