Technical department recruitment position

date:2018-12-29 11:29 author:Cahngyu
Technical department recruitment needs
1. Number of material application engineers required:
Job responsibilities and description:
(1) material design and development. Develop new technologies, new products, and optimize existing technologies. And according to customer requirements for product design and development.
(2) process line execution on the production site. Assist to develop technical indicators, standardize and implement process parameters in production. Assist in the formulation of operation specification, quality system and other documents.
Job requirements:
(1) bachelor degree or above in material, chemistry, machinery and other related majors of 211 universities; Experience in inorganic nonmetal, material forming, ceramics, cermet, inorganic material, powder engineering is preferred.
(2) good communication and expression, able to work under great pressure.
(3) proficient in CAD, 3d graphic design software and office software.
(4) solid professional foundation, familiar with mechanical processing related knowledge is better.
(5) good at English listening, speaking, reading and writing.
2. Analysis of the number of test engineers:
Job responsibilities and description:
(1) material analysis and testing. The composition, microstructure and mechanical properties of various materials were tested.
(2) daily maintenance of test instruments.
Job requirements:
Bachelor degree or above in material science, chemistry, applied chemistry or environmental monitoring, 211 universities or colleges; Relevant working experience, third party laboratory working experience is preferred. Familiar with the process and quality control procedure of instrument analysis development and method validation development; Familiar with XRD, SEM, carbon sulfur, nitrogen oxygen analyzer, universal testing machine, etc.
3. Number of assistant engineers required:
Position direction: manufacturing, material research and development, quality management, technical support, sales engineer, etc.
Requirements: bachelor degree or above, major in material, chemical, chemical, mechanical, automation, etc.

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