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date:2018-11-30 10:58 author:Cahngyu

Company profile

Jilin Changyu Advanced   Materials CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Changyu Advanced   Materials") has been registered in changchun new area since July 2017. The pilot test r&d base is located in building F2, zone B, beihu science and technology park.Currently, there are 24 employees, 5 doctors, 7 masters, more than 70% technical and product development personnel, 80% of the talents introduced from outside changchun, 90% of the personnel with a bachelor's degree or above, and 100% of the main products are independently developed.The core technology comes from Institute of special ceramics,Harbin Institute of Technology.

Changyu Advanced   Materials focuses on the production, learning and research work in the field of new non-oxide special ceramic materials.The company's main business: can be used as a coating or synthetic materials of ultra-fine high purity non-oxide powder, precision processing of titanium nitride funds used as ceramic tools and various high-temperature wear resistant metal ceramic structures.Mainly aimed at precision processing, metallurgy and other industries domestic relatively blank market.

In mid-2019, the company made a major breakthrough in the synthesis and preparation of high-purity sub-micron TiC and Ti(CN) powder materials. As an additive in the field of industrial processing, the comprehensive performance of the trial products has reached the domestic leading and international first-class level, and won wide praise from customers.At present, the company is further increasing the pilot research and development efforts, looking forward to contribute to the process of China's industrial rise.

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