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date:2018-11-30 11:02 author:Cahngyu

Enterprise spirit: zhuang jing self-improvement craftsmanship good luck

The spirit of craftsman stresses solemnity and steadfastness, so he can be solid and strong day by day. As a member of the big family in the field of new material and high technology, changyu always keeps the awe of nature and science. At the same time in the severe market competition, will never forget as an enterprise must be self-reliance, self-improvement of the fundamental requirements.

Any manufacturing enterprise, or an engineer, scientist, must uphold the spirit of craftsmanship, must have a good mind, behavior to practical benefit for the fundamental goal, to survive for a long time, is called "great work to good".

Principle of corporate conduct: never compromise on ethical standards

We are a start-up enterprise, which may be ordinary or extraordinary. Like any enterprise, changyu pays attention to capital, as well as profits and benefits. But changyu people always believe: the survival and development of the material industry itself, the key is to make the application of new materials can significantly improve people's life style and quality, only to do this, changyu can be truly, for a long time to be accepted by people.

Only when enterprises create some functions required by the society and create some unique customer value, can they survive and make profits. Profit is not an end, but a result or a verification. Therefore, in the grasp of market direction, occupy technical advantages, changyu will do its best to do a pure and conscience of the enterprise.

Service tenet: to bring superiority to customers and create a sense of being for ourselves

Whether the specific product research and development, analysis and testing or supporting platform, in essence, is a service, and changyu people always think that the service is the purpose of the enterprise to survive ten thousand changes, so, are you satisfied with changyu's service today? Any feedback is welcome to call 81133197-2222 or email . Your opinion may be helpful to some jade clerk and make his dinner more than chicken legs.

Management philosophy: to bring freedom to employees and responsibility to society

Changyu's management hopes to one day be able to do, so that every changyu people are living, rather than alive. When one mentions changyu tetao, one says "it's a good company" rather than "she makes a lot of money".

Final goal:

China's leading enterprises in the field of special engineering ceramics and the country's top new material field of special ceramics industry-university-research joint practice base.

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